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在全国最大的彩票平台, we believe that the college admission process is a rite of passage meant to be an extension of the growth and self-discovery our young women experience each day. A fundamental goal of a Stuart education is to open one’s mind; the college admission process should be no different.


Our mission in college counseling, like the mission of Stuart itself, is to guide our young women to lead lives of exceptional leadership, 服务, 和智力. Stuart’s college counseling program is designed to help students think deeply about who they are, what matters most to them, and how that connects to which colleges are the right fit for their individual goals and aspirations. 


In the end (or really, the beginning), the right college awaits.

Program Highlights

Personalized guidance in:

  • course selection that assesses appropriate individual challenge and rigor
  • the development of ambitious yet balanced college lists 
  • brainstorming and workshopping college essays and writing supplements
  • preparation for college interviews, visits, and interactions with college representatives
  • a standardized testing plan
  • athletic recruiting
  • arts portfolios and auditions
  • understanding financial aid policies and college funding

Additional opportunities include:

  • an annual college fair in the spring (for juniors) and college representative visits in the fall (for juniors and seniors)
  • college seminar to cover all aspects of the college admission process (last two trimesters of junior year and first trimester of senior year)
  • college essay boot camp and application workshops (summer before senior year)
  • monthly newsletters (for junior and senior parents)
  • 的使用 Scoir to help with college research, list building, and more (for junior and senior families)
  • presentations and panels for parents and students throughout the year (for families of all grades)




College Counseling Parent Resources

For College Reps



The Class of 2023 is attending 28 different colleges and universities around the United States and Canada. 关于 a third of our students will pursue STEM fields and a third plan to study the arts, 人文学科, and social sciences.

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